Torment is a creative Christian version of the traditional haunted house. It is a theatrical dramatization of real life situations. This walkthrough has in-your-face scenarios that will be sure to add some scares. This year there are 14 scenes, with the walk-through taking an estimated 45 minutes (not including waiting in line). The maze-like walk will take your group through real  life scenario scenes and our terrifying "fear stations" . Each scene will give you a look into the “hellish” issues that some deal with on a daily basis. 

Torment is not meant for children under the age of 14. There are gunshots, blood, violence, intense scenes, live animals and disturbing images.


Date: October 29 & October 30 2020. 


Thursday Oct 29: Tours start at 7:00pm and The LAST tour will begin at 9:00pm 

Friday Oct 30: Tours start at 7:00pm and the LAST tour will begin at 10:30pm

For more information please email: torment@journeyassembly.org

covid protocol

Covid-19 Protocols for Torment

- Masks will be required during the Walk-Through.  

- "Social Distancing" will be enforced at each scene.

- Hand-Sanitizer will be available at the beginning of Walk-Through. 

- Characters all have "Masks", "Face-Coverings" or "Over-the-Head hoods"